What’s the goal here?


Udd3r is a digital multimedia magazine, showcasing art on a dynamic, explorative website. We want to break from the algorithmic norms of social media and curate a platform focused on elevating individual artists. Our goal is for Udd3r to be a collaborative digital space where anyone can come to submit, enjoy unique art, or connect with diverse artists from many mediums.

This is a magazine?


Paying homage to physical magazines, we see each website page as the equivalent to physical print. So, we’ve designed the website to be visually catching and tactile, in hopes of fostering organic exploration akin to flipping through freshly printed pages!

I can submit any medium?


Yes! We want to explore and push what mediums can be published in a digital magazine. While we love prose and poetry, what about woodburnings, cooking, or a mime routine? We want to exhibit people’s fascinations. The submissions that really catch our eye are the ones that make us wonder, is this art? (It almost always is!) Submit! Submit! Submit! 

Why so silly?


Our motto is professional without professionalism. While showcasing high caliber art, we do so lightly, stressing the quality of content that we publish, not the package that it’s shown within.

Why is this dairy themed?


When people think of California, it’s always beaches and Hollywood and yada yada yada. An often overlooked fact is that much of California is farmland! Similar to how we feature potentially overlooked mediums, we named Udd3r after our favorite unsung California hero, the cow. (Seriously unsung though, there are 2.3 million cattle in CA alone.)

Where are you guys from?


While we hail from all over California, we opened shop in San Francisco in 2022, making the Bay Area our home!

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